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Hello, my name is Mitchum Pasqualli, known to my friends and customers as Mitch.

I am the Owner and Operator of Nissan Spares established in 1992. We started out as Datsun Nissan Spares from our home garage with minimal capital.

Due to long hours and hard work we have blossomed to a successful family business. I can only contribute the success to plenty of power from the big man above, a belief in myself, my wife's support, sheer dedication, guts, perseverance and a bit of "I will not quit whatever happens". Especially, I give credit to the loyal support from all our customers.

We believe that Nissan Spares supplies an unique service of honest dealing and quality service. Our customers are our testiment.

Today Nissan Spares boasts supplying good used and new Nissan parts to the entire Boland and Western Cape. We are currently expanding into all other areas.


Our motto is: "Good, is just not good enough".


  • We pride ourselves in supplying Reliable Used & New Nissan Spares and Quality Rebuilt Engines.
  • We offer sound advice on how to maintain your car at an affordable cost. 
  • We deliver to any part of South Africa or Africa including: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia...
  • You are welcome to fill in our ENQUIRY form, or alternatively you could simply CONTACT US and provide a full description of the part that you require.

If you required the part urgently, then call us at:


Mitch Pasqualli: +27 (0)83 273 8416

Office Phone:    +27 (0)21 982 2680

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